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DIY Zoetrope


This time we tackled a trickier project but it turned out pretty neat!

The instructions for this DIY Zoetrope come from: http://www.shareitscience.com/2017/01/diy-zoetrope-animation-steam-project.html

First, you’ll want to cut out your cylinder from the dark paper. The dimensions for the paper are suggestions, you should change the measurements depending on the size of your base. We used a paper plate for the base of our zoetrope.

Cut a strip of the dark paper approx. 2.5 in wide, and 17 in. long. Then using your ruler, measure out the slits. We made ours 1 in apart and 1 in deep. Each slit was 1/8 in wide. Next, tape the strip of paper into a cylinder shape.

Poke a hole in the base of your zoetrope with a pencil or something pointy. Place the paper cylinder on the base. You may need to use tape or glue to keep it in place. Put the pencil through the hole and secure with tape if it is wobbly or loose.

Draw yourself a cartoon on a strip of white paper. The paper should be no wider than the base of the cylinder. Make sure it does not cover any part of the slits.

When you are finished, roll up the cartoon strip and place it down into the cylinder. As you spin the pencil in your hands, look through the slits at the cartoon. It will look like your picture is animated!!


Pi Day!

Happy Pi Day from all of us at the Bartlett Public Library! We celebrate today as Pi day since the pidate, March 14th, is the same as the first three digits of π (3.14).

You can learn more about the mathematical concept of Pi in Why Pi? by Johnny Ball, in our juvenile nonfiction section at j530.8 BALL.

You can celebrate Pi Day with challenges from NASA scientists and engineers as part of their Pi Day Challenge! Good luck!

Earth Science with Edna

This is our new friend, Edna.


Her hobbies include reading, exploring, and watching the latest Disney movie with a big bucket of popcorn.  Her most favorite activity is learning about science and experimenting with ideas.

Edna’s latest area of interest is gardening.  She loves the smell of flowers and enjoys eating lots of different fruits and vegetables- except for Lima beans!  She would really like to have her own garden, but she’s not very good at keeping even a cactus alive!

Edna’s not-so-healthy cactus

Lately, she has been reading about a different way of growing plants called, hydroponics.  Hydroponics is a way of growing plants without soil.  How can this be?  Edna always thought that soil was needed to make plants grow!  Technically plants need soil for its nutrients and as support system for its roots to hang on to. SO…if you put the nutrients that the plant needs right into the water and if you have something to support the plant and its roots, the plant won’t need the soil.  It’s very scientific and Edna needs to do some more research.

Watch this fun video to learn more!