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Pokémon Go

Hello trainers, have you heard the news? New Pokémon such as Togepi and Pichu will be available in Pokémon Go from eggs. The Pokémon Go team has also announced that from now through December 29th you have a chance to see Pikachu in a Santa hat in the game.

The Bartlett Library is a pokéstop, stop on by! We’ll be looking for new Pokémon too.

Latest Pokémon Game

Last week, Nintendo announced the newest Pokémon game namedPokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. Are you as excited as I am? Believe it or not, this librarian has been playing Pokémon games for 20 years!

Have you seen the announcement trailer? What do you think?

Also, don’t forget about our huge Pokémon manga collection in the Youth & Teen Services Department!