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February 26th: Tell a Fairy Tale Day

Tell a Fairy Tale Day is an unofficial holiday celebrated on February 26th that encourages people to listen to, read, and tell their favorite fairy tales from around the world. We love the classics but it is also fun to check out some of the interesting and quirky re-telling of fairy tales such as:

Grounded by Megan Morrison (Juvenile Fiction, J MORRISON)  Rapunzel believes she is the luckiest person in Tyme, because Witch tells her so, but when Jack climbs into her tower to steal an enchanted rose, he hints that Witch is not telling the whole truth and Rapunzel, driven by her anger and fear, descends to the ground for the first time.

The Wishing Spell by Chris Colfer (Juvenile Fiction, J COLFER) Through the mysterious powers of a cherished book of stories, twins Alex and Conner leave their world behind and find themselves in a foreign land full of wonder and magic where they come face-to-face with the fairy tale characters they grew up reading about.

Do you have a favorite fairy tale?


Book Review: Webster: Tale of an Outlaw

This week we suggest: Webster: Tale of an Outlaw by Ellen Emerson White.

websterWhen Webster the dog arrives at Green Meadows Farm he has already been adopted, mistreated, and given away three times and is done with people, but the other animals of the shelter will not let him give up on the possibility of a special family.

For those who love books which have a variety of animals with distinct personalities and who “talk” – as well as books which will leave you smiling at the end – the loveable Webster is a character you will root for as he searches for his “Forever Home.”

This book is highly recommended for animal lovers! You can find this book in the Juvenile Fiction section at J WHITE.

Pinterest vs Reality: Galaxy Pinwheel

This week’s Pinterest vs Reality is brought to us by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) who craft about making a Pinwheel Galaxy Pinwheel really caught our eye. In celebration of the warm weather I thought I would give it a shot.

You can find the full directions for the craft at as well as the printout of the pinwheel. Other than the print out you will need scissors, a hole punch, a popsicle stick or chopstick, and a pipe cleaner. I used a popsiclepinwheel-1.jpg stick but I think that a chop stick might work even better.

My main suggestion is to pay close attention to the warning NASA gives: “Pinwheel not spinning? Make sure the pipe cleaner isn’t secured so tightly that it doesn’t let the paper move. If the paper flaps are hitting the stick, flatten out the pinwheel on a table. Then carefully open each point from the front. This will let air in to move the pinwheel.”

Following the directions I managed to make a pinwheel that really does spin! Looks like we can call this a success!



Pokémon Go Update!

pokemon-adventuresOn Friday Pokémon Go updated and added over 80 pokémon from the Johto region and new berries. Now we’re busy trying to catch our favorite pokémon from the Pokémon Gold and Silver games! You can check out a description of the update here or borrow and read our graphic novels Pokémon Adventures Gold & Silver here!


Beauty and the Beast Movie

Are you excited for the upcoming live action Beauty and the Beast? We are and we’re counting down the days! Next month, March 17th to be exact, Beauty and the Beast will be released in theaters. Check out the trailer:

While we wait we’re going to check out some of the  other versions of Beauty and the Beast that we have at the library!


Black Cats Rule!

Here is a book for cat lovers:



The Cat Who Came In Off the Roof by Annie Schmidt

Minou, formerly a cat but now a woman with many cattish ways, helps Tibbs, a newspaper reporter, with information she gets from her many feline friends.


Time to Vote!

It’s time to vote for the Monarch, Bluestem, and Rebecca Caudill awards. These are awards where the books are chosen by student’s votes. The Monarch Award is Illinois’ Reader’s Choice Award for Kindergarten through Third Grade. The Bluestem Award is Illinois’ Reader’s Choice Award for Grades Third through Fifth. The Rebecca Caudill Award is Illinois’ Reader’s Choice Award for Grades Fourth through Eighth. You can pick up a ballot and vote for your favorites by stopping by the Youth Services desk or by checking the Bluestem and Rebecca Caudill shelves.

bluestemlogo monarch-logo

Readers’ Choice Award logos by Illinois School Library Media Association.


It’s Groundhog Day!

Happy Groundhog Day! On February 2nd, we will be waiting to find out if the groundhog sees his shadow. Hopefully not since we’re already tired of winter. The first Groundhog Day was in 1887, and you can find out more at here at and you can learn more about groundhogs with any of these books!


Year of the Rooster


Image result for chinese zodiac

The Rooster is tenth animal in the Chinese zodiac. Each year is related to an animal sign according to a 12-year cycle.  The rooster represents punctuality, for it wakes people up on time.  You can help celebrate by making this fun rooster craft.

Paper Plate Chicken Craft

Click here to see the craft.