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Remember This: A New Year’s Tradition

New Year’s Day  is just around the corner. Here is a great way to record all of the good things that will happen to you in 2017. All you need for this idea is an empty jar and scraps of paper. This January, write down all of the good things (big and small) that happen throughout the year. On New Year’s Eve, empty the jar and read through all the happy memories of 2017! Have fun decorating your jar and using colored sheets of scrap paper to add some flair!

Card Playing Day!

Happy Card Playing Day! It seems fitting that card playing day is December 28th, when we all want to be inside and are looking for ways to entertain ourselves. Time to break out a deck of cards and play games like ‘Go Fish’, ‘Crazy Eights’ and more. If you want to learn some more card games you can borrow books about card games from the library!Playing Cards


New Shelf Displays!

We like to keep things interesting at the library, and to make it easier for everyone to find something to read. We recently changed the displays at the end of our shelves to highlight all of the different genres of fiction.

Each shelf has a book picked out by one of our librarians: Adventure, Animals Stories, Classics, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Horror, Humor, Mystery, Science Fiction, Sports Stories, and Thrillers & Suspense. Check it out next time you’re in the library, and if you’re looking for even more suggestions please ask anyone at the desk!

Pinterest vs Reality: Paper Snowman

This week on Pinterest vs Reality: Melting Paper Snowman. In honor of all of the snow that fell this past weekend we wanted to bring a little snow into the library (without the mess, all that melting water…yuck).

It looked pretty easy, there are not too many steps:

  1. Print out the pattern that Minieco created. You can see the pin on Pinterest HERE or head straight to Minieco’s website with the pattern and a blog post HERE.
  2. Cut out the snowman from the pattern. Really sharp scissors or an exacto-knife would work well.
  3. Fold the pattern along the lines.
  4. Glue the nose to the head, and the head to the melted body.

My snowman turned out alright, although trying to guess which direction to fold was a bit confusing so the head turned out a little wonky. There was leftover yarn from a previous craft so I braided three strands together to create a tiny scarf for the tiny snowman. I think it turned out cute enough that we can call it a Pinterest success!

Black Cats Rule!

My cat Ash loves to hide underneath the Christmas tree.  What does your cat think of the Christmas tree?  Watch Simon’s Cat “Santa Claws” for a funny kitty Christmas.

Pokémon Go

Hello trainers, have you heard the news? New Pokémon such as Togepi and Pichu will be available in Pokémon Go from eggs. The Pokémon Go team has also announced that from now through December 29th you have a chance to see Pikachu in a Santa hat in the game.

The Bartlett Library is a pokéstop, stop on by! We’ll be looking for new Pokémon too.

Goodreads Choice Awards

The votes have been counted and the Goodreads Choice Award for Middle Grade & Children’s fiction 2016  goes to The Hidden Oracle by Rick Riordan!

The Hidden Oracle by Rick Riordan

The Hidden Oracle received 46,348 votes , and the runner-up, Pax by Sara Pennypacker, received only 17,372 votes. Check out the other runner-ups, and the vote totals by clicking here. Have you read The Hidden Oracle? You can borrow it from the library, along with Rick Riordan’s other books such as the Percy Jackson series. Don’t agree with the outcome? What was your favorite book of 2016?

Pinterest vs Reality: String Ornament


This week on Pinterest vs Reality: Those string ornaments made from string wrapped around a balloon and held together with glue.  That description alone makes this DIY sound so easy.  The more I saw these on Pinterest, the more I had wanted to make one!

Here’s how to make one for yourself!  My own notes will be in blue.

  1.  Blow up a balloon to the size you want your ornament to be.  The shape of your balloon is very important!  When the glue dries, your string will look like your balloon.  I used old water balloons, so they turned out egg shaped.
  2. Fill a dish or bowl with equal parts glue and water.  Place the string in the glue mixture.  A lot of tutorials would include corn starch, but I didn’t have corn starch, so I found a tutorial that didn’t need it.  Also, a bowl works better than a dish.  What I used was small and shallow so I made a mess.  A bowl would also help keep the string in the glue.imgp3712
  3. Wrap the string around the balloon, making sure the string always has glue on it.    Don’t be afraid to use a lot of string and to wrap it randomly. The more the better.  Also make sure ALL the string has glue on it, or the pieces that aren’t gluey won’t stay well.
  4. Hang your ornament to dry.  It’s best to leave it overnight.
  5. When your string has dried, carefully poke the balloon away from the string, without popping it.  This helps to make sure the string and glue separate from the balloon.
  6.  Pop and remove balloon.  This part is kind of tricky.  Be careful not to disturb your ornament. It’s best to use a pair of scissors to pull it out.

I made some ornaments with yarn and some with twine.  The twine was definitely easier to use and if you dye the glue with a few drops of food coloring, it will dye your string too!  I’d say this is a “Pin” that works!  What do you think?

To find on Pinterest, try searching “DIY string ornament.” Or watch the pinned video here.