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Pinterest vs Reality

Paper Plate Guitar



How many times have you seen something on Pinterest that you’ve wanted to try out for yourself?  Who can blame you!  Pinterest is full of good ideas but the reality is that some of them are a lot harder to make than they look.

September is “Classical Music Month” so we decided to try to make a paper plate guitar.
The instructions sounded very easy:
Stack two paper plates on top of each other and staple together.  Wrap rubber bands around the plates and attach a paint stick to the back.  Decorate.

We did ok until we added the rubber bands.  IMGP3342

With a little imagination, we were able to make it work but it didn’t look as nice as the one on Pinterest.  We give this Pin a “Pinterest Fail.”  The rubber bands made a cool sound but it won’t be an easy craft for everyone to make!

Have you ever had a “Pinterest Fail?”