Word-count Wednesday #5

Hello fellow writers!

This is it! The final Word-count Wednesday! Can you believe that Nanowrimo is almost over? If you reach 50,000 words by midnight be sure to validate your word count. The validator might become a little slow in the last hour so try not to wait until last minute.

I crossed the finish line, the official final word count was 50,518 words! This is slightly more words than Microsoft Word said I had, so be sure to keep in mind that the validator might not match whatever program you are writing in.

Grant Falkner, in his nanowrimo pep talk this year had a wonderful description of what we’ve accomplished:

You’ll know that you can keep going by simply putting one word in front of another, and you’ll sense this great gift waiting for you. The gift of your novel. The gift of your journey. The gift of your accomplishment. Plus, you’ll know how to deal with quicksand the next time you step into it—in writing and in life.

Thanks for another great November and congratulations no matter how much you wrote!


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