Pinterest vs Reality: Paper Snowman

This week on Pinterest vs Reality: Melting Paper Snowman. In honor of all of the snow that fell this past weekend we wanted to bring a little snow into the library (without the mess, all that melting water…yuck).

It looked pretty easy, there are not too many steps:

  1. Print out the pattern that Minieco created. You can see the pin on Pinterest HERE or head straight to Minieco’s website with the pattern and a blog post HERE.
  2. Cut out the snowman from the pattern. Really sharp scissors or an exacto-knife would work well.
  3. Fold the pattern along the lines.
  4. Glue the nose to the head, and the head to the melted body.

My snowman turned out alright, although trying to guess which direction to fold was a bit confusing so the head turned out a little wonky. There was leftover yarn from a previous craft so I braided three strands together to create a tiny scarf for the tiny snowman. I think it turned out cute enough that we can call it a Pinterest success!

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