Word-count Wednesday #5

Hello fellow writers!

This is it! The final Word-count Wednesday! Can you believe that Nanowrimo is almost over? If you reach 50,000 words by midnight be sure to validate your word count. The validator might become a little slow in the last hour so try not to wait until last minute.

Early this morning I crossed the finish line, the official final word count was 50,132 words! This is slightly more words than Microsoft Word said I had, so be sure to keep in mind that the validator might not match whatever program you are writing in.nanowrimo_2016_webbadge_winner

I hope you have crossed the finish line along with me, or will in the next few hours but if not you should still be proud of what you’ve accomplished. You have more of your novel written than you did at the beginning of the month whether you wrote 100 words, a thousand words or more. This isn’t the end of all the writing fun either, you can check out the forums for things to keep you busy in ‘Life After Nano’ and you can make a promise to revise and edit your story. This isn’t the end, this is just the beginning! Also, if you’re interested in trying to publish your novel the library has lots of books to help with editing and publishing!


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