Word-count Wednesday #2

Hello fellow writers!
Today’s target word count is 15,000 words! That’s over a quarter of the way through your novel. If you’re caught up or even ahead of schedule congratulations! If you’re behind I want you to know that you’re not alone, as of right now I am at 12,754 words, and to not be discouraged. Sometimes life throws obstacles in your way, and you need to spend time doing other things like homework and that is alright. Just keep chipping away and writing whenever you can, no matter how far you get you’ll have created something amazing at the end of the month. The author of the Bartimaeus trilogy and the Lockwood and Company series, Jonathan Stroud perfectly summed up the magic of what we can accomplish this month:

Alchemists tried for centuries to turn base metals into gold. Every time we sit down and put words on paper, we succeed where they failed. We’re conjuring something out of nothing. (Jonathan Stroud 2008 Pep Talk)

Of course, there are also some strategies that you can use to bulk up your word count if you’re trying to catch up or get ahead:
Word Sprints: A word sprint is a timed writing challenge: set a timer, open up your draft, then race against the clock to add words to your novel. You can either challenge yourself or if you’re better spurred on by competition like me you can join a group word sprint. The personal word sprint option on the website also offers dare such as “Give a minor character a backstory” if you need inspiration. Check it out here!
Dares: A dare challenges you to include new things in your writing, and is a great way to gain an extra bit of inspiration even if they often verge on the ridiculous. You can check out all the dares and tips from other writers at http://nanowrimo.org/forums/reaching-50-000
Good luck with your writing this week and remember we can do this!


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