Short and Sweet

Between schoolwork and after school activities, do you ever feel there is not enough time to get through a long book? Why not try something that you can read in short bursts, just before you go to bed, or in any other situation where you can steal a few moments of down time? The Youth Services department has some great titles which fits this need. Here are a couple of examples…

Ripley’s Believe It or Not: All-New, bizarre, amazing, uncanny facts and feats! Readers will not believe what they are reading and the pictures they are seeing, but each and every story has been verified 100 percent shocking, 100 percent incredible, and 100 percent true! There are many titles in this series, but some examples are “Beyond Belief,” “Incredible Animals,” “Life’s Curiosities,”

 “Larger Than Life,” – and many more!

Guinness World Records: This book is loaded with interesting facts, such as the “Oldest Person to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro,” the “Most-Watched NFL Championship Game,”and the “Most ‘liked’ Video Online.” Whether your interest is science or entertainment, this book is sure to hold your interest! Each year, a new book gets published with updated information.


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